GV-iView App Reviews

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You need too update this version in emergency, it doesnt work with iOS 9 and iPhone 6

New version

New version does not work well for playback! All black!

Nunca consegui conectar

No meu 3GS c/ ios4 só dá "warming conection failed". O q faço?

Doesnt work 2.13

I dont know why ... But latest version doesnt work !! Someone knows how to get an older version ?? I would be glad

Update iOS 6

This app not working after install update to iOS 6 in my iPhone!!! PTZ shutdown app in use! Please, developer solution! Tks!


Funciona muito bem.

Good but not enough features

Finally an app for Geovision! Way better than the Blackberry app. Live view is great (about 1fps on 3G) Features are missing: - control input/output - playback - audio in/out - PTZ control Great to have an iPhone app!!!

New version stopped working

Was working GREAT, then recent updated killed it??? Please fix! I need my cameras! :-) Bad version. the app does not work anymore it does not even start since i installed this upgrade. please correct Asap. Problem solved ...... Just need to uninstall and reinstall and works great .


Nice apps working great when youre making right configuration

Great app!

Have not had any issues ... App works great!

Great for stores

Love it i can use it anyware i go staff cant tell me lies i can watch them live most of the time i think one of the best app i use on my phone, works evey time i use good work keep it up guys thanks

Gets a passing grade

Does the job, but just so. I could not access recorded videos at first, turns out I had to apply a patch to the server running on my PC. Now it works, but I cannot fast forward or rewind the videos, and cannot even tell how long they will be. Would be nice to be able to change the number of cameras displayed on a single screen, but thats either impossible or too hard to figure out. Overall the interface is just about bearable but not impressive. Clunky, buggy, but hey, at least it works ;). Considering the alternatives (none), its actually a great app.

Needs to be a lot better

Crashes a lot, especially during playback. User interface is very poor. Why is there no time display when viewing cameras? Slow log in time, although this has improved with latest version. Playback feature is very poor and feels like an afterthought. No transport controls. No timeline. No length of clip in the event list. No viewing of multiple cameras. And more.. Compared to other camera apps, this is very poor. Check out what is available from DigiMerge for comparison.


Im not 100% sure that its the app. But I can never connect. Rarely ever am I able to see my cameras, even tho everything is perfectly fine with my main computer. The only thing left to blame is the app. Seriously its terrible!!

Please fix

Please make sure that when you release a new version of your NVR that you dont break your associated apps. Please fix this app to work with version Thanks! Update Why has this still not been fixed?

Work but lot of bug

Problems to save profils Not user friendly Glitchy Please update for iPhone 6 and 6 plus

iPhone 5?

where is app compatible with iPhone 5 ?

iOS 6.02

It does not work work iOS 6.02 di sommergono please, thanks Before it Was great

Needs update badly

3 years nearly before an update? Has issue with login while in landscape mode. Cuts off cams in LS mode too. Seems you need to update for new iOS and new iPhone models. Cmon guys....this is for businesses....we need updated software!

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